About LendPro

LendPro LLC leverages its founder's years of experience in big-ticket retail and consumer finance to offer an exciting new program for big-ticket merchants, lenders, and consumers. The Open-to-Buy consumer finance application process is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables consumers to apply for a retail finance program, offered by one of LendPro's many lender partners, anywhere they are, for use at one of LendPro's big-ticket merchant partners.

What makes LendPro's Open-to-Buy platform unique and extremely valuable is the variety of consumer finance lender partners integrated in the Open-to-Buy ecosystem that covers a wide range of consumer credit profiles with the aim of quickly, privately, and efficiently approving consumers for a finance program good for use in LendPro's participating member merchants. 

Our Management Team 

Dave Weyher

David Weyher

Chairman & Founder

The genesis of LendPro stems from the years of experience its founder and president, David Weyher, has in software, big-ticket retail, and retail consumer finance. He has helped hundreds of retailers, large and small, with sales floor automation, including consumer finance initiatives. David has negotiated and formed partnerships with major lending institutions, leading associations and buying groups, and various strategic partners in order to build LendPro's attractive ecosystem. Dave's background includes executive positions at large, publicly-traded technology companies, such as Computer Associates and Infinium Software, as well leadership roles in small technology start-ups.

Fred Knops

Fred Knops

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Knops joined the firm in 2015 initially as chief operating officer and now runs the day-to-day operations of the business as chief executive officer. Previously, Fred spent 23 years leading high-tempo, innovative corporate consulting teams in Booz Allen Hamilton’s European and North American practices. While there, Fred’s analytical acumen and deep technical expertise forged enduring improvements for clients in telecommunications, media, finance, and other industries where rapid technological change demands strategic and operational excellence. While at Booz Allen, Fred led Centers of Excellence in technology innovation, telecommunications infrastructure, and cyber-security. Now at LendPro, Fred’s relentless attention to detail understanding of process effectiveness, and focus on corporate scalability provides proven leadership during LendPro’s rapid market and financial expansion.

Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Smith joined LendPro as it Chief Financial Officer after 26 years in the consumer lending business. Derek began his career in consumer finance as a Senior Executive at Capital One, where he led the drive to use data to make better business decisions.

Data and data analytics have continued to be a driving force in Derek's career, as he has held senior positions in marketing, credit risk and finance. His expertise will be used to capture risk-differentiating data to forward to our lending partners to improve their credit results and profitability.

Carl Schunk

Carl Schunk

Chief Technology Officer

LendPro's chief technologist, Carl Schunk, has been designing and building consumer finance and self-service application software for over ten years and has deep expertise in SaaS, web technologies, and open-source software.

Carl is the mastermind behind the Open-to-Buy system and is responsible for its design, development, and architecture. He manages LendPro's technology team, coordinates with all of Open-to-Buy's lender partners, and provides input on the future direction LendPro's technology.

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